April 24, 2014


iKickTires is dedicated to providing the LATEST NEWS ‘n DETAILED REVIEWS from a consumer as well as investor perspective. We believe in the simple concept of bringing relevant news to readers in a timely and professional manner. This site was borne from a true passion for automobiles and technology. Whether it is a news item or car review, we promise to handle it in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of our readers. Welcome to the best place for automotive news and reviews.

Spencer Osborne

His first car was a 1971 Triumph Spitfire convertible. From the first time he drove the car Spencer felt a connection to it and the freedom provided from the wind in his hair, metal, glass, gears and tires on pavement. Over the years Mr. Osborne has owned and driven many cars. From sports cars and sedans to pick-up trucks and SUV’s he has found a way to become one with the auto no matter what that auto might be. Spencer brings all of that passion to iKickTires.com

Jenna Garza

Jenna is a designer by trade. She loves cars and feels that a car can be an extension of a persons identity, needs, and desires. We have oft heard that form follows function. In selecting a car, consumers should determine their desires as well as needs in finding the perfect car. Jenna has a special affinity for the overall functionality and fit of a car and is great at seeing style in the lines of automobiles. Jenna brings an attention to detail to iKickTires.com like no one else can.