April 23, 2014

Ford Auto Sales Up 14% In June

Ford’s June sales totaled 194,114, up 14 percent versus a year ago. Cars and utilities posted the largest gains, while trucks also posted increases, rebounding from May.

“Strong demand for Ford’s fuel-efficient cars and crossovers continues, and we now are seeing truck buyers return to the market with significant appetite for our fuel-efficient V6 engines,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service.


Ford’s two all-new small cars combined for 26,920 sales in June, up 66 percent versus a year ago. Fiesta sales were 5,535, and Focus sales were 21,385, up 41 percent versus a year ago. The Fiesta and Focus are the fastest-turning models in Ford dealer showrooms.

“The Fiesta and Focus are driving Ford’s retail share gains in markets beyond our traditional geographic areas of strength,” said Czubay. “In California, Ford’s retail share is the highest since 2006. We also have seen gains in the East and Southeast.”

In June, Ford brand retail sales were up 36 percent in California.

The Fiesta and Focus recently were named to Kelley Blue Book’s 2011 Top 10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000.

The Ford Fusion midsize car now has posted six straight monthly sales records. In June, Fusion sales totaled 20,808, up 13 percent versus a year ago. In the first six months of 2011, Fusion sales were 131,686, up 18 percent from the first-half record set last year.

Lincoln sales were up 17 percent compared with a year ago, paced by higher sales for the Lincoln MKZ (up 31 percent) and Lincoln MKS (up 18 percent) sedans, as well as the Lincoln MKX crossover (up 36 percent).


Explorer sales totaled 10,422, up 56 percent versus a year ago. Retail sales for the new Explorer were up 259 percent. In the first six months of 2011, Explorer sales totaled 65,823, surpassing last year’s full-year sales total of 60,687. Explorer has class-leading highway fuel economy of 25 mpg.

Escape sales totaled 22,274, up 43 percent. Year-to-date, Escape sales totaled 122,607, up 24 percent from the first-half record set last year. Edge sales totaled 9,663, up 18 percent. Ford is the top-selling brand of utilities in the U.S., with first-half sales totaling 280,875, up 25 percent versus a year ago.


Ford truck sales increased across the lineup in June, with F-Series (up 7 percent), Ranger (up 18 percent), Transit Connect (up 40 percent) and Econoline (up 4 percent). Transit Connect sales were 2,992 – the second highest sales month ever.

Ford’s F-Series truck remained the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. with June sales of 49,618. In the first six months of 2011, F-Series sales totaled 264,079 (up 10 percent). Sales of the F-150 with new V6 engines continued to outsell V8s in June – and V6 engines accounted for 56 percent of F-150 retail sales. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine accounted for 41 percent of F-150 sales, and the 3.7-liter V6 accounted for 15 percent.

Sales Summary

In June, total sales were 194,114, up 14 percent versus a year ago. Retail sales were up 13 percent and fleet sales were up 14 percent.

Year-to-date, total sales are 1.07 million, up 12 percent. Retail sales were up 14 percent and fleet sales were up 9 percent.

“From Fiesta to F-Series, our new vehicles are resonating with customers. All of us at Ford remain absolutely committed to a full lineup of cars, utilities and trucks with the highest quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart design and value,” said Czubay.

Ford’s F-150 Fuel Take Probe Expands

The Ford F150 is the best selling truck in the United States, and a staple of Ford motor Company.  Last Fall a probe was opened by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covering Ford F-150′s from model years 1997 through 2001.  Ford suffered a massive image crisis when the Ford Pinto had fuel tank issues in the 1970′s.  The company is being much more proactive this time around.

The concerns center around steel straps that hold the fuel tank in place.  Sometimes, when one or both of these steel straps that hold the tank rust and/or break, a fire could result.  At this point a mandatory recall has not been issued, but as the probe expands, the likelihood of a recall becomes more real.

To date there were 306 consumer complaints, 175 filed with the NHTSA and 156 with Ford.

“Among the incidents reported to NHTSA or Ford, 243 involved the fuel tank dropping below the vehicle and/or dragging on the ground, 95 involved fuel leakage, and nine included reports of sparks from the tank being dragged on the road,” the NHTSA filing said.

The probe now involves about 2.7 million vehicles.



Ford Reports Auto Sales Of Over 189,000 Vehicles In April 2011

Ford Motor Company, on the heels of a fantastic Q1 report, announced April sales of 189,778 vehicles.  Ford is the second major auto company to announce sales figures today.  The company, which had more sales than GM in March was not able to retain the top slot again, but the sales figures remain healthy.  Overall Ford sales rose 16.4% with compact and fuel efficient models seeing an increase of an incredible 45%

The mix of sales was also healthy for Ford.  Retail sales rose 10% while fleet sales rose 21%.  This is an indication that consumer recovery is still happening.  Additional sales figures will continue to roll out today.

Ford Posts Best Q1 Profit In Over A Decade

Ford reported their Q1, 2011 results and the American automaker posted its best first-quarter profit in over a decade.  Investors need to go back 13 years to see  better first-quarter results from the company.  Ford has made huge strides in the past two years, putting more stylish and fuel friendly vehicles.  Consumers seem to be flocking to the brand.   Ford  said its profits rose 22% to an incredible $2.6 billion profit. its best first-quarter performance since 1998.   This represents eight straight quarterly profit announcements by Ford.

The continued success of Ford has shares trading near $16, a stark reversal from a low of $14.01 just over a month ago.  Savvy investors in early March have been able to lock in gains of nearly 15% during that period.  With auto sales continuing to climb back up to a Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rate (SAAR) of 13 million, Ford should be able to continue their profitable trend.   Last month Ford was the top selling brand in the U.S., ousting GM from a position they have held for years.

One amazing aspect of what Ford is doing is that the company, even in tough economic times, has been able to raise the average cost of their vehicles by over $250.  Consumers seem to be seeking better style, better fuel economy, and more technology in the car.  Ford has accomplished all three.

While the profits for Ford look good, not all of the news is rosy.  The Lincoln  brand is saw sales slip by 11% in the first quarter.  Ford has stated that they are revamping the line and hopefully they can bring that fresh style to Lincoln in the next two years.  If Ford can bolster Lincoln sales, investors could see profits climb even further.

One of the keys to Ford’s great performance over the past year and a half has been a disciplined approach to production and inventory management.  Ford Chief Financial Officer Lewis Booth said, “We trying to be very disciplined and won’t produce more than we can sell.”

Another positive direction the company is taking is debt management.  After borrowing $26 billion in 2006, the company has managed to trim that number down to $16.6 billion.  In Q1 the company shaved $2.5 billion in debt off of the books.  This continued debt discipline not only improves the balance sheet, but also helps the company with their all important credit rating, ability to refinance, and ability to borrow if required.  The company currently has over $21 billion in cash.

The March 11 earthquake in Japan, which many seem to feel American brands are immune to, did have some impact on Ford.  The company lost production of about 14,000 vehicles at plants in Asia, and had to close three plants this week due to a lack of parts.   The impacts state-side are even more minimal, and the lost production should not make material impacts to Ford’s bottom line.

What we have with Ford is a company being smart about every aspect of its business.  While these great numbers are sometimes offset by the company managing debt, the picture remains clear and the company vision unwavering.

MyFord Touch Takes Sync To The Next Level

Ford became a leader in creating a seamless environment in the car when they introduced Sync a few years ago.  The automaker is now taking that concept to an entirely new level with MyFord Touch.  The service operates through the vehicle dashboard and is accessible via a touch screen, steering wheel controls, and voice commands.  MyFordTouch is simply incredible, and has set the standard for systems of the like.

The easiest way to explain MyFord Touch is to simply present the capabilities in a nutshell and then send you to the Ford website to catch some cool videos of the technology.  MyFord Touch is already rolling out in several models with more to come soon.


In simple terms MyFord Touch is a revolutionary technology that helps you stay connected with the world in ways never seen before.  You can play your music from AM, FM, available HD radio, and of course Sirius XM Radio, but you can also bring your MP3 collection into the mix.  You can control the temperature of the car, and even navigate to your destination.  All of this can happen with your hands on the steering wheel, and eyes on the road.  The other key feature is the integration of Bluetooth technology that allows you to make and receive calls in ways only seen on the most expensive cars in the past.  MyFord Touch keeps you connected safely.


MyFord Touch allows users to become more connected than ever before.  Sirius XM Satellite Radio gives access to hundreds of channels of music, news, sports, and talk programming.  Users get a promotional trial to the satellite radio service to test drive it and fall in love.  Users can also connect their cell phone via one of two USB ports or via Bluetooth.  You can even stream from your mobile device without hooking it up!  MyFord Touch even has an SD card slot so you can check out those pictures you just took.  Want video?  Simply hook up your device to the supplied RCA jacks and you can stream to your hearts content.  Some features require the car to be in park, but the capabilities are impressive.


Bluetooth connections for safer driving are nothing new.  MyFord Touch carries this capability7, but takes things a step further.  When you connect your phone to MyFord Touch you are enabling features that will keep you connected safely.  We have all seen billboards warning us of the dangers of texting while driving.  MyFord Touch has an awesome solution!  You can hear incoming texts, and respond with your voice!  You now have hands free calling as well as texting.


Navigation is becoming more and more standard on vehicles today.  Ford has combined several services to their navigation platform to allow users to safely get to their destination, know how heavy traffic is, know the weather, and even get sports scores and more.  Sync Services gives drivers a wealth of information at either the tip of their finger or from voice commands.  If you want to take things a step further you can use the optional SD navigation card for some of the best 3-D maps out there!


Driving in comfort is something we all want.  In the past we thought of this as a smooth riding car that was relatively free of road noise.  Temperature was either hot or cold controlled through various vents grilles inside the car.  MyFord Touch seamlessly integrates temperature comfort in ways never seen before.  You can control zones, set preferences, and even have the system remember your preferred settings.

The bottom line is that with MyFord Touch your driving experience can be more enjoyable than ever before.  Check out the videos at Ford that show you MyFord Touch in action!