April 24, 2014

Mitsubishi Announces Continuous Production At All Plants

March 11, 2011 saw Japan suffer one of the most devastating natural disasters the nation has ever seen.  In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami, the country began their recovery and assessed the damages.  Auto companies were far from immune to the disaster, and in particular parts suppliers were hard pressed to be able to meet demand.  The result has been stopped or slowed production, and automakers making efforts to shift production and monitor the situation closely .

At the New York International Auto Show the company announced that as of April 18th, 2011, that they have resumed continuous production for the first time since the disaster.  While the output is still not up to previous levels, it is good to know that companies such as Mitsubishi are able to begin to normalize things and plan the full recovery.

The resumption of more normalized production is important to Mitsubishi because they have recently launched a new ad campaign centered around some world records set by their cars, and a newly invigorated styling in their fleet that boasts better style lines as well as more features and improved fuel economy.

Mitsubishi announced several new vehicles at the New York International Auto Show, including a zero emissions electric called the “i” .

Mitsubishi Launches Zero Emissions “i” At New York International Auto Show

Mitsubishi has entered the electric car space in a big way with their all new “i”.  The  zero emissions, 100% electric vehicle has been in the works for years and the company was proud to launch an environmentally friendly car on Earth Day 2011.  As a car company known for value, Mitsubishi once again does not disappoint.  After federal tax credits the Mitsubishi “i” comes in at a very affordable $20, 490!  This makes the “i” the most affordable electric car on the market.

Powered by Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV) technology, the rear-wheel drive vehicle’s drive system includes a 49 kW (66 bhp) AC synchronous electric motor; an 88 cell, 330V lithium-ion battery pack for a peak storage of 16 kWh; and a single fixed reduction gear transmission. This electric motor is capable of producing its peak torque of 145 lb. ft. almost instantaneously when accelerating from a standstill; the vehicle has a top speed of approximately 80 mph.

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