April 23, 2014

Hyundai Blue Link – A Brilliant Idea

Hyundai continues to make huge strides that will impress the automotive world and set new standards for the competition.  The Korean manufacturer has introduced Blue Link, a technology rich in features that actually simplifies your life and can make driving more fun.  Blue Link is far more than a simple app.  It is a combination of driving essentials that when combined make for a driving experience simply not available just a few short years ago.

Blue Link keeps track of everything for you.  It is like having a personal assistant for your car!  Want to know the traffic or weather?  Blue Link will tell you.   Have you broken down?  Blue Link can get you help right away.  Did you park your car on 89th Street or 88th?  With Blue Link and a smart phone you can find out.  From emergency situations to finding the best gas prices, Blue Link is there.

The central point of Blue Link is not in the dashboard.  Chances are that it resides on your hip.  Your very own smart phone becomes a remote command center and provides the data connection that allows many Blue Link features to operate.  In many cases you can even control Blue Link features while you are not even near your car.  Blue Link allows you to start your car, unlock the doors, flash the lights and even sound the horn remotely.

Hyundai’s Blue Link has over 30 features for drivers broken down into three categories so you can choose and subscribe to only the services you need:


In the event of an accident or incident of any kind, no matter where you are, you’re not alone. Hyundai-trained operators stand by 24/7/365 to immediately summon help for any reason, whether life-threatening or merely inconvenient.

  • Automatic Crash Notification & Assistance (ACN) – In the event of any collision severe enough to involve an airbag, a trained specialist automatically contacts the vehicle’s occupants, and if necessary, emergency service personnel, providing GPS-enabled location and vehicle condition information.
  • SOS Emergency Assistance – In the event of any type of emergency, drivers simply press a single, dedicated button to get a trained response specialist to coordinate emergency 911 assistance, and remain on the line until help arrives. Armed with GPS-enabled location and vehicle condition information, the specialist will not only dispatch the appropriate assistance, but can even notify your friends and family of the situation.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance – Enables the owner to contact Roadside Assistance via a single in-vehicle button press.  Vehicle information (including location) is automatically transmitted to a response center.
  • Monthly Vehicle Report – Provides a monthly report of vehicle diagnostics via email.


No matter where your Hyundai may be at any given moment, you’re always able to access all systems quickly and easily, via the web or smart phone.  This package makes everything from locking your keys in the car to having your vehicle permanently stolen experiences reminiscent of a very distant past.

Remote Access:
•  Remote Door Lock –
Imagine you’ve walked through a parking lot in the rain, only to realize that you forgot to lock the vehicle. No problem – this feature allows users to automatically lock (or unlock) the vehicle doors from virtually anywhere, via a simple toll-free call, app on a smart phone, or via the Blue Link® Owner’s website.
•  Remote Door Unlock – Virtually every driver, at some point in their lives, has locked their keys in the car. With this feature, instead of calling a locksmith for help — which previously cost you both time and money — you can automatically unlock the doors via a simple toll-free call, app on a smart phone, or via the Owner’s website.
•  Remote Horn & Lights – Flash those lights and sound the horn all from virtually anywhere!
•  Panic Notification –
A bit scared walking through that parking lot?  You can make your car alarm sound off.
•  Remote Vehicle Start –
Fast track your journey by starting your vehicle remotely from virtually any location (via mobile app, toll-free number or owner’s website). 

•  Alarm Notification –
Notifies the owner when and where the vehicle alarm was set off
•  Quick Tips –
Automated audio version of frequently asked questions and answers
•  Service Link –
Sometimes a vehicle experiences an issue, like a strange noise, whose cause isn’t immediately apparent. This innovative feature not only allows you to call a live operator to report the problem, but actually records the call and forward the data to Hyundai.

•  Location Sharing – Send your location, invitations and short messages directly to any or every member of social networking sites like Facebook, and even see the exact location of other Hyundai-driving friends.

•  Voice to Text Messaging – Never take your hands off the wheel again – even to send text messages. With the press of a button, you’ll be able to use your voice to dictate them to your contacts. 

Vehicle Self Diagnostics:
•  Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification –
Your vehicle detects when a component malfunctions, and will automatically notify you via a combination of in-vehicle display alerts and guided voice messages as to the issue and its severity. You will then be given the option to immediately schedule a maintenance appointment with a preferred dealership via operator.
•  Maintenance Alert –
As Hyundai-recommended service intervals arise, you’ll be automatically notified in advance via your choice of text message, email or phone call, and receive assistance in scheduling an appointment at a local Hyundai dealership.
•  Recall Advisor –
In the unlikely event that Hyundai issues a recall for your specific vehicle, you’ll be notified via your choice of text message, email or Blue Link® Owner’s website, and information regarding making an appointments at a local dealerships will be provided.
•  Web Vehicle Diagnostics –
Starting 30 days after registration, every aspect of driving performance – diagnosis of issues, mileage attained, upcoming maintenance – is correlated and sent via monthly email for your review.

Theft Protection:
•  Stolen Vehicle Recovery –
In the event that your vehicle has been reported to law enforcement as stolen, the Hyundai response center will work with the authorities to establish the exact vehicle location via GPS. Not only does this feature enable a quick recovery, but your insurance premiums are likely to decrease as a result.
•  Stolen Vehicle Slowdown –
Once law enforcement has been notified of your vehicle being stolen, they may choose to initiate this additional process, which gradually reduces power to the engine, slowing the vehicle down and eventually bringing it to a safe stop. From there, Vehicle Immobilization can be initiated, preventing further vehicle movement.
•  Vehicle Immobilization –
Once law enforcement has been notified of your vehicle being stolen, they may choose to initiate this process, where engine power is automatically shut off once powered down, thus preventing the vehicle from being restarted until authorities arrive.

•  Valet Alert –
Any time you drop your vehicle with a valet, and your car travels more than distance you preset — up to two miles from the drop-off point — you’ll be automatically notified via your choice of text message or email.
•  Geo-Fence –
Input pre-determined boundaries in which the vehicle may and may not be operated, and when a vehicle strays out of the acceptable zone, you’ll be automatically notified via your choice of email, text message, or phone call.
•  Speed Alert –
Ideal for parents of teen drivers or drivers with heavy feet, this feature allows you to pre-program acceptable speed limits, and be automatically notified via your choice of email, text message or phone call when limits are exceeded… say goodbye to those costly speeding tickets.
•  Curfew Alert – Input, via the Owner’s website, a pre-determined time interval for acceptable and unacceptable use. When the latter occurs, you’ll be automatically notified via your choice of email, text message, or phone call.


More than just the ability to get you where you need to be, this package can even tell you what you’ll find — from traffic and gas prices to restaurants and museums — when you get there.

•  Turn-by-Turn Navigation –
Set your destination via voice (from the car) or web (from home) and you’re off. Choose from variables like fastest or shortest route, least traffic, best mileage, avoid highways or toll roads. The system does the rest, giving you turn-by-turn directions at every step.
•  Point-Of-Interest By Voice Recognition – Use voice-activation to browse through a constantly-updated list of interesting or useful landmarks near wherever you happen to be. Select one and the navigation system automatically directs you to it. Unlike competitive systems that only recognize pre-programmed commands, Blue Link® is trained to recognize the variables of everyday speech, making interaction infinitely easier.
•  Point-Of-Interest Web Search – Transfer the information regarding anything of interest – restaurants, landmarks, museums, etc. – directly from the web or the Hyundai owner’s website to your vehicle’s navigation system. It will be waiting for you anytime you’re ready to go.
•  Daily Route Guidance with Traffic Condition – Most people have a regular routine – the commute to work, dropping off the kids at school, or any other daily route. This feature automatically scans traffic flow and incident data to automatically notify you, via the method and time of your preference, which route is best at any given moment.
•  Traffic –
At any given time, traffic may be slow or stopped due to accidents, construction, or congestion. Enter a pre-determined area via the Blue Link® Owner’s website, and you’ll always have a real-time update to help you navigate around the problem, saving you time and aggravation on a daily basis.
•  Gas Station Locations & Gas Prices –
Wherever you are at a given time, the closest gas stations may be located with the touch of a button. Results can be played via automated voice, and downloaded directly to the navigation system.
•  Eco-Coach –
A truly remarkable technological breakthrough, Eco-Coach is a scoring system that allows you to track mileage and CO2 emissions on the Blue Link® Owner’s website, then gives you advice on how to improve driving habits to improve your efforts. You can even compete against other Hyundai drivers to win prizes for most efficient driving.
•  Restaurant Ratings –
No matter where you find yourself, or what you’re hungry for, you’ll be able to search local restaurants are by type, distance or Yelp! Rating. Once you’ve made a selection, simply download it directly to the navigation system to get there quickly and directly.
•  Weather –
Choose a location and with a touch of a button, get the weather forecast instantly. In addition, every time you use the navigation feature, the system automatically takes the weather into account, and adjusts the route accordingly.

As you can see, Hyundai’s Blue Link takes the car to an all new level.  Perhaps it is time to trade in that 7 year old car you have been driving and take a Hyundai for a spin.

MyFord Touch Takes Sync To The Next Level

Ford became a leader in creating a seamless environment in the car when they introduced Sync a few years ago.  The automaker is now taking that concept to an entirely new level with MyFord Touch.  The service operates through the vehicle dashboard and is accessible via a touch screen, steering wheel controls, and voice commands.  MyFordTouch is simply incredible, and has set the standard for systems of the like.

The easiest way to explain MyFord Touch is to simply present the capabilities in a nutshell and then send you to the Ford website to catch some cool videos of the technology.  MyFord Touch is already rolling out in several models with more to come soon.


In simple terms MyFord Touch is a revolutionary technology that helps you stay connected with the world in ways never seen before.  You can play your music from AM, FM, available HD radio, and of course Sirius XM Radio, but you can also bring your MP3 collection into the mix.  You can control the temperature of the car, and even navigate to your destination.  All of this can happen with your hands on the steering wheel, and eyes on the road.  The other key feature is the integration of Bluetooth technology that allows you to make and receive calls in ways only seen on the most expensive cars in the past.  MyFord Touch keeps you connected safely.


MyFord Touch allows users to become more connected than ever before.  Sirius XM Satellite Radio gives access to hundreds of channels of music, news, sports, and talk programming.  Users get a promotional trial to the satellite radio service to test drive it and fall in love.  Users can also connect their cell phone via one of two USB ports or via Bluetooth.  You can even stream from your mobile device without hooking it up!  MyFord Touch even has an SD card slot so you can check out those pictures you just took.  Want video?  Simply hook up your device to the supplied RCA jacks and you can stream to your hearts content.  Some features require the car to be in park, but the capabilities are impressive.


Bluetooth connections for safer driving are nothing new.  MyFord Touch carries this capability7, but takes things a step further.  When you connect your phone to MyFord Touch you are enabling features that will keep you connected safely.  We have all seen billboards warning us of the dangers of texting while driving.  MyFord Touch has an awesome solution!  You can hear incoming texts, and respond with your voice!  You now have hands free calling as well as texting.


Navigation is becoming more and more standard on vehicles today.  Ford has combined several services to their navigation platform to allow users to safely get to their destination, know how heavy traffic is, know the weather, and even get sports scores and more.  Sync Services gives drivers a wealth of information at either the tip of their finger or from voice commands.  If you want to take things a step further you can use the optional SD navigation card for some of the best 3-D maps out there!


Driving in comfort is something we all want.  In the past we thought of this as a smooth riding car that was relatively free of road noise.  Temperature was either hot or cold controlled through various vents grilles inside the car.  MyFord Touch seamlessly integrates temperature comfort in ways never seen before.  You can control zones, set preferences, and even have the system remember your preferred settings.

The bottom line is that with MyFord Touch your driving experience can be more enjoyable than ever before.  Check out the videos at Ford that show you MyFord Touch in action!