April 16, 2014

Volkswagen Unveils Four Vehicles Including All New 21st Century Beetle

Volkswagen is making big news at the New York International Auto Show by unveiling four 2012 vehicles including the 2011 Tiguan, Golf R, Beetle, and the Bulli concept car.  Volkswagen has been heralded as an auto maker that takes pride in combing style, functionality and value.  With cars starting in the teen’s, the company has virtually something for everyone.

2012 Tiguan

Set to go on sale in the fall of 2011, the 2012 Tiguan represents the next logical step in the evolution of the makers popular SUV model.  The 2012 Tiguan comes equipped with a 2.0 liter TSI engine that delivers turbocharged acceleration.  The company has improved fuel economy on the Tiguan by nearly 20%, going from 25 mpg to 29 mpg.  The fuel statistics are a huge plus in a market that has consumers fretting over fuel economy.  At 29 miles per gallon the Tiguan fits in closely with several peers.  The advantage is that Volkswagens engine seems to deliver more pep than other non-turbo models.

Select models of the Tiguan will come equipped with a touch screen Premium VIII radio.  The radio delivers booming sound and Sirius XM satellite radio is available with a free promotional trial.  If you want even better sound then you should consider one of the top models that feature a 300 watt Dyaudio system.

Other new touches include chrome accents on the SE and SEL trims.


2012 Golf R

Volkswagen’s 2012 all wheel drive Golf R will certainly fill a niche that the North America car buyer will appreciate.  It is the ultimate combination of style, performance, functionality and value.   What will make this vehicle so popular?  The answer can be found in the fact that it will for the first time be offered with 4 doors.  That means that consumers who need a bit of flexibility without giving up performance have a solution.

The Golf R is Volkswagen’s most powerful vehicle to date and represents the first all wheel drive turbo-charged Golf sold in the United States.  This fact alone will give it huge appeal to Volkswagen enthusiasts.  Golf R features the fourth generation of the Haldex 4Motion system as well as an upgraded sport tuned suspension that lets drivers feel the road and the vehicles responsiveness, all while providing sharper and more dynamic handling.

2012 Beetle

The 21st Century Beetle is a sight to behold!  We all know the classic look of the Beetle and have seen the model evolve into a sporty car that combines pep with performance.  This latest version takes the sport aspect of the Beetle to all new levels.  Consumers can choose between a 2.0 turbo or clean diesel engine with additional features like dual exhaust, performance handling packages, 19 inch wheels, sport seats, and sleeker styling.  Dare I say that you can almost see Porsche styling in this all new Beetle!  Also available is a customization program that goes the next step with a wide variety of colors, wraps, stripes, and an annual theme mode.  Look out Mini!

What is a new sporty Beetle without some ear popping sound and other great features ?  The 2012 Beetle will offer an exclusive Fender Premium Audio System, built-in navigation, and unique ambient lighting.  If this car sounds suits your fancy, you wont have long to wait.  The all new 2012 21st Century Beetle is set to hit dealerships in the fall of 2011.


Volkswagen has entered the electric car market with their Bulli concept.  This electric powered vehicle takes the concept of green to an all new level.  While most electrics are shy on versatility, utility and storage space, the Bulli shows that you can be green and still cart around a months worth of groceries.   The Bulli is not a speed demon, but quarter-mile statistics are often not what buyers of electric cars are seeking.  The Bulli boasts a 0 to 60 in just over 11 seconds and has a top speed of 87 mph.  The power is derived from a lithium ion battery that stores 40kwh worth of “juice”.  That will typically take a user about 186 miles, more than enough to handle most commutes.

Versatility is the Bulli’s middle (err…second) name.  The outer and middle seat positions of the front bench seat can be folded down (2/3 split) and the rear bench seat can be completely stowed for cargo space.  Drivers will be stunned at the amount of space offered in this electric vehicle.

Bulli is also up on technology.  It comes standard with a removable iPad in the center console.  The iPad serves as a multifunctional infotainment control system for the standard Fender premium Audio System.  Bulli is demonstrating the levels to which smart phones and/or media pads can be integrated into the driving experience.

The bottom line is that Volkswagen is continuing to make strides and gain new fans each and every year.